Artist Books

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Maintaining a journal began in 1990 as a daily exercise to brainstorm concepts for artwork. I soon noticed that they were taking on a life of their own; becoming more organic, autobiographical, and raw. I eventually started writing, collaging, and painting in a thoroughly thumbed copy of "Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People." So began my use of existing texts to retain my daily musings. The more found objects and images I packed into them, the more my entries were destroying the spine of the book. As a result, I taught myself to crudely rebind books in order to relieve the stress. These fragile volumes are filled with my fears, hopes, desires, criticisms, observations, and ideas. Materials include all manner of found objects, found images, clippings, paints, fluids, inks, and condiments. To date, I have filled over 50 volumes that contain over 7,500 pages.

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These works on paper employ the same approach as my personal books. The term "spineless" refers to the individual, stand alone nature of these works, as they are not bound in a book.

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